Accelerating your Cloud Native journey with DC/OS

Accelerating your Cloud Native journey with DC/OS

Saju Thomas

April 19, 2016

As an early proponent of cloud native architectures ISHI Systems has been helping enterprises adopt containers and container platforms. We have seen and understand up close how difficult it is to transition to and operate a platform in production.

Enterprises have to choose from a complex array of tools which then require a lot of engineering and glue to put together and operate. This has resulted in majority of enterprises in either a wait and watch mode or developing home grown toolsets to take advantage of the immense potential of container technologies.

It has occurred to us again and again that there exists an unmet need for an open, production ready, batteries included , developer and operator friendly platform which allows organizations the flexibility to run a multitude of container workloads at cloud scale.


We were excited when Mesosphere informed us that they are working on an open platform based on their enterprise proven solution Mesosphere DCOS. We were invited to get an up close preview of DC/OS and experience the next generation in container management. Being very familiar with Apache Mesos we are really excited about the power of the DC/OS platform. A few observations:

  • - Really easy to setup and get started

  • - Dashboard provides a real-time view of the cluster with status of  tasks and utilization of cluster resources

  • - Support for industry leading packages on DC/OS platform such as Cassandra, Kafka, Kubernetes and Jenkins

  • - Key tools available out of the box for running cloud native applications such as service discovery, load balancer, monitoring

We are working to integrate DC/OS as a key tool in our tool set to help our customers adopt a cloud native model. We are very confident that DC/OS will easily surpass the expectations of any performance and efficiency focused enterprise customer. We are really excited about the future of container platforms and the value that DC/OS brings to the market. Please contact us at to learn more about our cloud native services.

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