Docker Meetup - August 2015 Report

Docker Meetup - August 2015 Report

Dharmit Shah

August 31, 2015

We had a very successful Docker Meetup on August 22, 2015, jointly organized by the Docker and Java Meetup groups. This edition of the meetup was focused on introducing the community at large to Docker, Apache Mesos and Docker Techniques.  Most attendees were new to Docker and Apache Mesos, along with few regulars of past Docker meetups. Here is a quick rundown of the proceedings:

First talk, “Introduction to Docker”, was presented by Niket Patel from Beehively. Niket's talk catered to those new to Docker. He covered problems addressed by Docker and Docker architecture followed by a short demo of Docker. An important point that emerged from the talk was how containers differed from virtual machines and what makes them lightweight. It was also interesting to learn that Docker Engine for Windows is under active development. For the curious minds, here’s a link to the slides.

Next Rishabh Chaudhary from Ishi Systems covered, “Integrating Docker with Apache Mesos and Marathon”. His talk covered the architecture of Apache Mesos, Marathon framework and how one can deploy Docker containers on Mesos using Marathon. He demonstrated how the Marathon REST APIs can be used to launch Docker containers. Inspired by Rishabh, few attendees succeeded in setting up Mesos and Marathon! Slides for the talk can be found here.

Lastly Docker Tips & Tricks, was delivered by Dharmit Shah from Ishi Systems. This talk highlighted command line tricks that can be used to ease working with Docker. Topics touched upon in this talk were Docker container logs, container statistics, copying files between host and container, and running a graphical application inside the container. Slides for the talk can be found here.

The meetup wound down with a quiz based on the talks given. The winners were rewarded with Docker swag including t-shirts and stickers.

It was heartening to learn that attendees found the meetup helpful and all around fun. One of the attendees observed that he was expecting things to be stiff and serious but was rather amused to see things turn out to be casual and, more importantly, interactive. For Rishabh, it was an amazing experience given that he hadn’t heard of meetups before attending this event. For Dharmit, the feedback provided by the attendees and community at large, serves as the motivation to organize next Docker Meetup very soon!

About the Speakers

Niket Patel leads Beehively’s technology practice, making architectural decisions and creating the software development platform. He enjoys mastering cutting-edge software and is an extremely clear thinker who is able to see through problems and evaluate solutions from both technical and business standpoints.

Rishabh is an intern at Ishi Systems and an undergrad at IIT Indore. He explores Mesos, Marathon, Docker and tinkers around containerizing Apache Tomcat applications.

Dharmit works as a DevOps Engineer with Ishi Systems. He is exploring various tools in order to design and deploy a Mesos cluster in the internal and customer facing environments of Ishi. Dharmit also co-organizes the Docker Meetup in Ahmedabad.

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