Container Security – Announcing Strategic Partnership with Twistlock

Container Security – Announcing Strategic Partnership with Twistlock

David Manner

August 18, 2015

With the rapid adoption of cloud native architectures and container technologies, traditional security processes are proving to be insufficient. Boundaries of control are shifting from security and operations teams to developers and devops, making it increasingly difficult to enforce security policies without impacting development velocity.

We believe security solutions for next generation platforms have to be open, programmable while being seamlessly enforceable across diverse application environments. It should enable developers to incorporate security without introducing undue friction into development, deployment or operations.

To address emerging security challenges in cloud native architectures, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Twistlock (, a pioneer in container and platform security.

Twistlock, recently recognized as a CRN Emerging Vendor, provides an open-source, customizable security framework for developers of containerized applications. Its virtual container security suite protects containers throughout the end-to-end application lifecycle by ensuring that they are compliant with security policies at every stage, from early development to deployment, and during ongoing operations.

Key capabilities of the Twistlock Security Platform:

  • Vulnerability management, with an integrated intelligence stream of the latest CVEs and security standards

  • Granular security policy enforcement for containers, their contents, and the fabrics they run on

  • Advanced authentication and authorization capabilities, including Kerberos support and role based access control

We are working closely with Twistlock to bring their best in class security platform to our customers. Reach out to us at to learn more about Twistlock and our partnership.

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