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As an early proponent of cloud native architectures ISHI Systems has been helping enterprises adopt containers and container platforms. We have seen and understand up close how difficult it is to transition to and operate a platform in production. Enterprises have to choose from a complex ar [...]

Security in Mesos: Framework Authorization

Andras Kerekes

October 6, 2015

Co-Authored by Andras Kerekes and Dharmit Shah In this post we will take an initial look into authentication between frameworks and master nodes, as well as secure communication by setting up and verifying SSL. Why Setup Framework Authorization? As ment [...]

Introducing: 4K Video Processing On The Cloud

Neal Singh

September 17, 2015

Ishi Systems Inc. and Seastar Labs today announced a global partnership that combines best-in-class technologies and expertise of both companies to deliver cloud based 4 K video production and broadcast and video surv [...]

Docker Meetup - August 2015 Report

Dharmit Shah

August 31, 2015

We had a very successful Docker Meetup on August 22, 2015, jointly organized by the Docker and Java Meetup groups. This edition of the meetup was focused on introdu [...]

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